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10 Best Coffee Substitutes | March 2017

Posted By: Peter Gail   On: 03/21/2017

Wiki.ezvid.com spent 25 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. Although most of us can't even think without that first cup of Joe in the mornings, many people are unable to tolerate the acidity, the caffeine or even the flavor of a regular cup of coffee. But for those poor folks there is an alternative. Dandy Blend was ranked in the top 10.  

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The day has finally come.: An official warning about Caffeine

Posted By: Peter Gail   On: 02/01/2012

Denmark Sets Caffeine Warning

Products not in compliance, but labeled before February 2012, may be sold until stocks are exhausted, according to the ministry.

Mette Gjerskov, Denmark’s Minister of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries, says that she pulled the trigger on a new warning label because she did not want to wait for more rigorous EU legislation expected by the end of 2014.

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Posted By: Peter Gail   On: 05/10/2011
Our new Dandy Blend brochure is now available for point of sale use and for individuals who wish to persuade their friends that Dandy Blend is the way to go.  There is even a special insert for the brochure for Latter-day Saints (Mormons) that can be sent on request. 
The brochure may be ordered by calling 800-697-4858 or e-mailing info@dandyblend.com, or can be immediately downloaded by going to "More Info" on the left side navigation bar, clicking on "downloads", and then clicking on "Trying to Get Off Coffee." Then simply download the pdf file, and print it. 
The professionally-printed brochures are free with both wholesale and retail orders if requested.  Contact us for more information.
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Posted By: Peter Gail   On: 02/20/2011

Replace coffee with Dandy Blend and feel the pain disappear, often instantly.  Check out the testimonials.

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Miss Your Postum? Never Fear. Dandy Blend is Here

Posted By: Peter Gail   On: 01/30/2011

When Postum stopped production in 2007, thousands of folks lost their morning staple beverage.  Since then people have been scrambling to find a replacement, and, for many, the alternatives they know about don’t satisfy them.

One exception is those few people who have hit upon Dandy Blend,   Benny Lilly of Salt Lake City, who is now living in the Dominican Republic, says "I’ve ordered quite a bit over the past few years and thoroughly enjoy it. It is far better than beverages like Postum and Pero that I was drinking before."

Not only is Dandy Blend a delightful roasted beverage, but, according to health professionals, it also may have a number of potential health benefits. Dr. John Heinerman, the world renown medical anthropologist who runs the Medical Research Center of Salt Lake City, says "Informal trials we’ve done with Dandy Blend indicate that it can be effective in reducing pain and symptoms in angina, acid reflux, gallstone suffering, asthma congestion, allergy problems and arthritis. That it is entirely caffeine- free makes it very appealing to Latter-day Saints,.whose beliefs exclude the use of caffeinated beverages."

The secret to Dandy Blend is the dandelion, which has been a major herb in Europe and Asia for toning the liver, purifying the blood, and gastro-intestinal regulation for centuries. Dandy Blend is the only instant coffee alternative in the US containing dandelion, and this sets it apart.

The Dandy Blend formula originated as a healing beverage in Europe over 200 years ago. It was discovered in Toronto in 1988 by Dr. Peter Gail, a Ph.D. botanist who specializes in studying how cultures use backyard weeds for food and medicine. . "As I was nosing around Kensington Market" says Gail "I came upon a tiny herbal shop on one of the side streets. I went inside and there, on a bottom shelf, I found this dandelion beverage. I had enjoyed Symington’s Dandelion Coffee Compound, which is very popular in England, for many years, but couldn’t get it in the US. So I bought this, tried it, and fell in love with it. I got permission to distribute it in the US, introduced it to my medical herbalist colleagues at meetings, and they were just as enthusiastic. They shared it with their patients who increased demand to more than the Canadian’s could supply, so we received the rights to private label it, improved the formula to make it more therapeutic, and Dandy Blend was born. Since 1995 it has gradually made its way into health and natural food stores around the country, including Dave’s Health and Nutrition in Salt Lake City and West Jordan, Utah."   According to Donna Crockett, Master Herbalist and Assistant Manager of the West Jordan store, " We really love it here. It is selling well and our customers are telling their friends about it. Sales have been doubling every month in both West Jordan and Salt Lake as the word of how good it is gets around."

Find out how good it is for yourself. Go to "Contact Us" on this website, scroll down to "Request Information" and type "samples" in the box at the bottom of the form. We’ll let you try it before buying.


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