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Goosefoot Acres, Inc., Beverages, Valley City, OH
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FAQ » Ask Us A Question
» 1. How can there be no gluten when Dandy Blend contains barley and rye?
» 2. Nothing in Dandy Blend is GMO
» 3. Dandy Blend is now certified Kosher BY KOF-K
» 4. There is .042 g of sugar in a serving of Dandy Blend.
» 5.. 100% Certified Organic Dandy Blend is now available
» 6. What minerals are in Dandy Blend?
» 7. Aren't mercury, lead and arsenic harmful?
» 8. Is There any chance that Dandy Blend might be cross contaminated by tree nuts/peanuts?
» 9. Do you ship Internationally?
» 10. Is Dandy Blend sold in Canada?
» 11. What is the price of Dandy Blend compared with coffee or other Alternatives?
» 12. I read that dandelion, chicory and burdock root are good to give dogs for healthy digestive tract. Can they drink this?
» 13. Do you know what the oxalate content of Dandy Blend is?
» 14. I have chronic Kidney Disease stage 3, I would like to know if this product would be safe for me to drink and not cause any further damage?
» 15. I have been adding one tbs of powder per cup to match the strong coffee I prefer, at a rate of 4 cups a day. Is this excessive? any side effect?
» 16.. At what temperature do you roast your dandelion roots?
» 17 What is the percentage of dandelion root in your blend?
» 18. How long past the expiration date is Dandy Blend safe to use?
» 19. Are there any ingredients in Dandy Blend that can keep me from sleeping if I drink it right before bedtime?
» 20. How do you make Dandy Blend water-soluble?
» 16. Doesn’t roasting destroy some of the essential goodness of dandelion?
» 17. Can you make Dandy Blend in a percolator?
» 18. Should Dandy Blend be stored in the refrigerator?
» 19. I have 3 children under the age of 10. Is Dandy Blend safe for them to drink too? I would love for them to receive the benefits of dandelion
» 20. Does Dandy Blend contain acrylamides?
» 21. Is there any malt or fruit in Dandy Blend?
» 22. How much per day should I have?
» 23. Why is Dandy Blend™ so good and so good for you?
» 32. What makes roasted dandelion root so good for you?
» 24. Is there carbohydrate in Dandy Blend?
» 25. Is Dandy Blend safe for people with Interstitial Cystitis? I typically can only drink peppermint or chamomile teas.
» 26. How can I use Dandy Blend to get off coffee?
» 27. How can Dandy Blend be so sweet if the ingredients do not include sugar?
» 28. How can i get the product in Malaysia?
» 29. I have allergies to dandelion flowers. Is it ok to drink Dandy Blend?
» 30. Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
» 31. Are there calories in Dandy Blend?
» 33. How much of the inulin gets converted to fructose during processing?
» 34. Since a hot water extract is used, does this process actually leave behind any pesticides, herbicides and fungicides?
» 35. How can I save on Shipping?
» 36. Why should I stop drinking coffee?
» 37. Why isn't the fructose in Dandy Blend dangerous to our health like high fructose corn syrup in other foods?
» 38. Is Dandy Blend a diuretic?
» 39. I have heard that Dandy Blend may be too sweet.
» 40. is Dandy Blend good for the kidney patients?
» 41. Is it possible to get a sample - my dad was a Postum drinker & is skeptical
» 42. What is the Dandy Blend bag made of? Does it Contain aluminum?
» 43. Have you heard of Dandy Blend causing excessive flatulence? If so, does it get better over time?
» 44. Is it vegetarian?
» 45. What is the pH of Dandy Blend?
» 46. Why a disparity in nutritional facts between the bulk bags and single serving packets?
» 47. Can I drink more than 3 cups a day because of all the trace minerals?
» 48. Does Dandy Blend have a stimulant effect?
» 49. How many teaspoons or tablespoons to reap the full benefits of dandelion should I use each day?
» 50. Is Dandy Blend safe for yeast-free diet?
» 51. Is Dandy Blend wheat free?
» 52. Can Dandy Blend be used in Grain-Free diets?
» Will Dandy Blend react with Blood pressure drugs CARTIA XT my doctor said no more coffee
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