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Goosefoot Acres, Inc., Beverages, Valley City, OH
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Clients Testimonials » Add Your Own Here

Great Healthy Product » Open Full View
Dandy Blend has solved several issues for me and its so easy to make. Tastes great and I dont add sugar....wahooooo
I have been searching for this » Open Full View
Coffee was a staple of my life, but I have always had acid reflux/GERD issues. I was told to give up coffee, BUT HOW
No Withdrawal Headaches » Open Full View
I am free of headaches
Enjoyed Dandy Blend » Open Full View
i like the ease of preparing
My Starbucks » Open Full View
I love this product. It is great for reducing my acid reflux symptoms.
Dandy Blend Dandelion Tea » Open Full View
Delicious Blend taste almost like coffee. It is replacing coffee for me.
Thrilled to have my coffee again » Open Full View
When everyone else is standing in line for their caffeine fix from some burnt beans, I pass by and smile. I have better, healthier, and NO caffeine
Finally a coffee I can drink that taste Great » Open Full View
Thank you Dandy Blend
Delicious » Open Full View
Ive been searching for a great-tasting coffee substitute, and Ive finally found it with Dandy Blend
Starbucks girl » Open Full View
Total delishishness.This is one the most amazing products I have ever had. I am a Starbucks girl all the way. I pay 6 bucks for a White Chocolate Mocha Latte and I put 13 pumps of syrup in mine.
FAST SERVICE » Open Full View
Wow you shipped a few hours after I placed the order. Great service.
speedy delivery » Open Full View
great customer service
Love it » Open Full View
I am a black coffee drinker and wanted to cut back hurting my stomach. Dandy blend so enjoyable.
Love you guys » Open Full View
Great product Great Service
Excellent » Open Full View
Shocked that I like it
Im in LOVE with Dandy Blend » Open Full View
Thanks for creating a wonderful product
Delicious » Open Full View
I was pleasantly and completely surprised to find that I like Dandy Blend better than coffee
A decent substitute » Open Full View
The flavor is much like that of instant coffee.
Finally success » Open Full View
Ive tried to wean myself off of coffee for 10 years. Happy to report Im a month free and counting...thanks to Dandy
A Handy Dandy Drink » Open Full View
DandyBlend opens my life to living naturally.
Denise Ryan » Open Full View
Been looking for this for a long time
Great Product. Fantastic Customer Service » Open Full View
I have previously used Postum and Cafix but found this product. Im so glad I did If you like Postum you'll definitely love this product.
testimonial » Open Full View
We love Dandy Blend . . . even MORE than coffee.
Great replacement for coffee » Open Full View
Thank you for the sample.
D-blend is awesome » Open Full View
We love Dandy Blend. We recently switched to serving Dandy Blend at our retreat facility and everyone loves it.
Both company product are wonderful » Open Full View
My whole family love Dandy Blend and Ive introduced other friends to the product also.
Thank You » Open Full View
I found this while on vacation and I needed to find something to replace coffee...this is FANTASTIC Tastes just like coffee...youd never know it wasnt Thank you
Testimony » Open Full View
Dandy Blend is a great product. No caffeine jitters and I am drinking a healthy cup to start my day I recommend this product as a better and healthier drink. Thank you
Yay as good as coffee but no acid » Open Full View
I dont miss my coffee at all
Dandy Blend, The Truth » Open Full View
I have been a coffee drinker for many years. This year I needed to give it up. I bought the small box of DB.I have tried other coffee substitutes usually only to throw them out.
GnG Ranch » Open Full View
Good Stuff Easy order, fast service.
love love love it » Open Full View
So happy to have found a gluten free coffee alternative I love the flavor and aroma
Dandy girl » Open Full View
Thankful to have found Dandy Blend
Didn't know it was out there » Open Full View
My niece gave me a bag of Dandy Blend to try...
Totally replaces coffee » Open Full View
"I love the flavor of coffee but I had bad reactions to it. I have searched everywhere for something that tastes like it and not affect me that way.
Tastes Better than Coffee » Open Full View
Love it. The rich taste is even better than real coffee!
Relief for interstitial cystitis » Open Full View
I just wanted to tell you all that this product is absolutely AMAZING. I suffer from Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and was told a year ago that I had to eliminate all caffeine. I am a coffee addict and have been drinking coffee since I could drink from a tippy cup so this news was devastating. Peppermint tea just did not have the body, the taste or the fullness that I craved. I was indtroduced to Dandy Blend by a massage therapist back in April and the product has literally saved my life!!!
Dandy Blend tops them all » Open Full View
Dandy Blend is the only coffee alternative that actually tastes better than real coffee.
Senior Citizen » Open Full View
This is the first time I have ordered this product, and am very satisfied with it! Great as a coffee or tea.
Dandy Blend makes me feel great! » Open Full View
This drink gave me my energy back!
Wellness business owner » Open Full View
I too found out Postum was no longer available.
Dandy Blend social time is fun and healthy! » Open Full View
It's versatile and delicious. My friends and I drink it together and share delicious recipes.
Shipping cost cheaper than gasoline » Open Full View
This is my second order: absolutely love DandyBlend! Your service on my first order was incredibly fast, too, so kudos to your staff. I checked to see if any local stores carry DandyBlend but couldn't find anything close enough to justify the trip. I guess I'll continue shopping online: shipping fees definitely beat gas prices!
postum lover » Open Full View
I nearly cried when I found out Postum was no longer being produced.
Better than the alternatives » Open Full View
Dear Dandy Blend, I, I, I LOVE YOU!!!! An avid coffee drinker for decades, when I was told by a doctor earlier this year I needed to get off coffee, I almost needed counseling! So, I tried Pero, Cafe' Roma, Bru, and Cafix, but YOU GUYS TAKE THE CAKE! I love that it's strong, like-coffee, no acid, no caffeine, and no gluten! Thank you so very much!
Awesome Drink » Open Full View
This drink is awesome
Help For Liver Ailments » Open Full View
I wanted to tell you that I think your Dandy Blend is so wonderful. After a visit to Cleveland Clinic for some health issues, I was told that my liver is sick. I set about changing my lifestyle to reverse the onset of fatty liver disease and dilated bile ducts. I had to give up coffee, tea, alcohol,processed foods, and dairy. I absolutely loved my coffee in the morning. Giving up solid food was a bit of a challenge, but giving up my coffee was torture.
Thank you!!!!!! » Open Full View
My hubby and I are in the newly diagnosed category of health care. He is a newly diagnosed diabetic and I am a newly diagnosed Breast Cancer victim. Your products are just what we were looking for! Thank you for a great tasting product and easy to purchase website!
I was pleasantly surprised! » Open Full View
I have to admit, I was a skeptic. I've tried other non-coffee bean hot drinks and was disappointed. However, Dandy Blend tasts as close to real coffee as you can get!
Dark Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake » Open Full View
I'd like to submit a recipe that uses Dandy Blend. There are some desserts listed in your booklet, but none of them can be as scrumptious as this Dark Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. It contains no coffee or sugar (okay, there's some sugar in the cherry filling).

I adapted it from a recipe in Kathleen Daeleman's Cooking Thin With Chef Kathleen. She uses sugar and espresso.

Pam Campbell-- proprietress of the Mother Earth Health Food store, where our family buys your product-- endorses this recipe.

Open full view to see recipe
Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine » Open Full View
Great product/Great Service
Best Ever Coffee Substitute » Open Full View
WONDERFUL product!!!I have tried many coffee alternative products on the market, I've given up on ALL of them. Thank goodness I decided to try one more time when I saw your product at my local Health Food Store two weeks ago. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! .
Naturopath uses Dandy Blend for Detox program » Open Full View
My name is Kate Smith. I am a Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, Oregon. I love Dandy Blend and recommend it to patients all the time as a great way to stop drinking coffee.
Yoga Instructor Loves Dandy Blend » Open Full View
I teach Kundalina yoga in Delaware, Ohio and just learned about DandyBlend from a fellow instructor. It is wonderful and I plan to start serving Dandy Blend to my students after classes.
A Delicious Dandy Chocolate Frosting » Open Full View
For a delicious chocolate frosting, add a little Dandy Blend to the frosting and mix well.
Dandy Blend as Good or Better than Postum » Open Full View
"" Began searching for Postum (the only *coffee alternative* type beverage I ever really enjoyed) recently, only to discover it's no longer being made--Big Fat Bummer!!! Did an online search and came across some Post(um)ings in which Dandy Blend was touted as being anywhere from "just like" to "even better than" Postum, so decided to try it...
I have had type-1 diabetes for the past 20 years. Many natural foods cause my blood sugar to sky-rocket due to the carbohydrate value. Not Dandy Blend.
Dandy Blend is the only beverage product on the market that has truly replaced my coffee (french roast!) habit.
Ice cream and cookies » Open Full View
Ice cream and cookies
I happened to try a sample of Dandy Blend at Ritzman Pharmacy last summer.
Dandelion root "coffees" are used regularly in the Orient to increase lactation. The practice is now coming to the US
My Morning Habit » Open Full View
After giving up coffee I found myself missing my morning routine...
This Herbalist like it » Open Full View
DandyBlend is one of the few coffee substitute blends on the market which actually tastes better than coffee...
This Doctor like it » Open Full View
DandyBlend is one of the most delicious ways to take dandelion root...
This Author likes it » Open Full View
"Of all the coffee substitutes out there, I like Dandy Blend the best.
Dandy Blend helped my bladder condition! » Open Full View
I’ll drink Dandy Blend the rest of my life...
Dandy Blend better than real coffee » Open Full View
I recently discovered Dandy Blend and love it! I don't drink coffee any longer...
Energy from Dandy Blend » Open Full View
After drinking my first cup of Dandy Blend and following it with a second cup...
Coffee to Dandy Blend latte switch » Open Full View
Thank God for Dandy Blend, I now have a delicious alternative...
Another vote for Cinnamon » Open Full View
I have been drinking Dandy Blend for a few years now...
Dandy Blend helps counter coffee addiction » Open Full View
I am a holistic health coach helping clients achieve their optimal health.
Dandy Blend is something we found at the health place. It makes you feel like you’re having coffee...
"Best coffee substitute " » Open Full View
I'm really surprised at the taste of your blend and really did enjoy it...
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