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Goosefoot Acres, Inc., Beverages, Valley City, OH
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About Us

How Dandy Blend Came to Be....

Dr. Peter Gail began his journey with edible wild plants as a young boy. After his father passed away, their neighbor taught him and his family how to identify and use edible wild plants that could be found in their back yard. These plants helped his family supplement their diet until his mother found employment. He continued to lean about the wonders of edible wild plants through out his life.

When he was in his late forties he was looking for a beverage that did not contain caffeine, tasted good, and was a source of nutrients. He came across a beverage that he liked but lacked the tasted and nutrition he was looking for. He was able to change the formula and the roasting regimen to create a beverage that meet all his needs. Dandy Blend was born.
For the first 10 years in the US, Dandy Blend was only available through health practitioners. At their urging, in 2003 Dandy Blend was made available to health food stores. Now, Dandy Blend is available from retailers across the United States, mostly in health food stores where the staff takes personal interest in introducing it to their customers.
Dandy Blend is one of those products that sells itself as soon as a person tries it. Most of our sales now come from people telling one another about it. In addition to being available in stores, it is also available by calling toll free 800-697-4858, on this website, and from other on-line merchants, including Amazon. It can be shipped anywhere in the world. International customers can get the best shipping rates by ordering from iHerbs.com.

While we make no claims about Dandy Blend other than that it is a delicious herbal beverage with the taste, body, and texture of coffee, the ingredients extracts of - dandelion, chicory and beet roots, barley and rye grains- are all respected as health-promoting foods. You may search online to learn more about the attributes and value of each ingredient. 

ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Dandy Blend is produced for us by Grana GmbH in Poland, the largest manufacturer of cereal beverages in the world. They private label for over 90 companies in 70 countries in addition to producing their own roasted grain beverage that is used by over 7 million households a day in Eastern Europe.  They use no GMO ingredients and produce Dandy Blend on a line that is used for both organic and kosher beverages.  They maintain a quality management system that fulfills

Who is Dr. Peter Gail

Dandy Blend is a product of Goosefoot Acres, Inc. a small corporation founded by Dr. Gail in August 1988. Dr. Gail has a Ph.D. in botany from Rutgers University in New Jersey and was a professor at Cleveland State University, in Cleveland Ohio, for 16 years. His primary research focus was on how various cultures used backyard weeds for food and medicine, during which he amassed one of the largest collections of recipes and folklore for wild edible plants in the United States. He left the university to follow his dreams of helping others learn the uses of plants for food and medicine..

Goosefoot Acres, Inc. is located in Valley City, Ohio, 30 miles south of Cleveland. Aside from selling Dandy Blend, they also sell books written and published by Dr. Gail, focusing on edible wild plants, the Amish, and the Northeastern Ohio area. 


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